Monday, August 1, 2011

11 AM 13 miler

Date: 07/31/2011

Time: 16:00 hrs.

State of Mind : Crazy

Disclaimer: Some of the content might seem exaggerated and I would probably blame it on the state I am in right now. However, I assure you that I have tried my best to write sanely.

I had slept well after a long time. 8 hours to be precise. As the 10 AM sunlight streamed into my room, I asked myself if it’s worth running at this time of the day. The temperature was hovering over the mid-eighties + the humidity factor. A two week break to the west coast had softened me and I was at a state where a sloth could give me a run for my money. With too much on my mind for the past few weeks, I needed some time for myself alone. There was also the euphoria of catching the elusive little mouse (blame the labs at Case) today morning, which had made itself comfortable in my house for the past one week.

I decided to run. The intention was to run for about 10 miles. Armed with only a half-liter water bottle in my hand, no phone and no iPod (a grave mistake) and a 11 AM start, I soon got into my groove, running at a breakneck speed. I had the satisfaction of overtaking a family of snails after trailing them for almost 30 minutes. Giving them a triumphant smirk, I continued on my way. Running for me, after a point of time puts me in a trance. 45 minutes into the run on the beautiful North Park road, I could only hear the sound of my feet hitting the road and my wheezy breathing. Everything else seemed to just melt into the background.

I soon ran out of water and I realized with a shock I had run almost 6.5 miles. The way back was going to be long and I was out of fluids. I hate carrying a water belt and there were no places close where I could buy one. A little worried, I turned back. It was now really hot and I regretted coming so far. Somehow, I ran for a couple more miles and then suddenly came face to face with a person watering his plants. It must have been the heat, but a crazy idea came to my mind. It was about 1 PM. I gathered courage and asked him, if he could just spray some water over me. He burst out laughing and to my surprise, without even asking me again, he simply sprayed water over me. A couple of people in passing cars cheered us. I felt much better and filling up my bottle at his house, I ploughed on. The good feeling did not last long though and I barely could drag my feet along. Luckily, someone had advised me to carry money before the run and I will be ever grateful for that reminder. I saw a Walgreens in the distance. With renewed vigor I pushed forward, bought a snicker bar and a Gatorade and finished them both before I could even reach the exit.

I was about 3 miles from my place when I started feeling a twinge in my knee. A coughing fit made me stop completely and I walked the rest of the way finishing a total distance of 13 miles in approx. 3 hours and 10 minutes. A whopping time taken, but result achieved.

Why am I doing all this? Take out a minute from your time and please do go through this.

Although, every part of my body is aching, I am feeling a strange sense of satisfaction. I completed a half marathon today in just a little over 3 hours, right in the middle of the day. I just can't wait for my next weekend run of 15 miles. Bring it on!!

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