Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making the Commitment

Running a marathon started off as something on my bucket list, something I would eventually like to get in the next few years. I think it starts off this way for most people, and I wasn't any different. It was on one of those cold, dreary March days when I was spending (wasting) endless hours on Facebook, that I came across a post announcing Team Asha's information meeting about running the Akron Marathon. It seemed to strike an instant chord with me because I had heard so many things about the marathon runners of last year. Furthermore, the cause of aiding in Indian children's education is a noble one. I attended the first information at Case with the intent of just trying to complete a half marathon; I was extremely leery of even attempting the full because I would consider myself one of those beginner runners. I have always worked out and run on a treadmill, sometimes hitting 3 or 4 miles on an odd day; running a distance wasn't something I did consistently.
A Saturday morning run through the Towpath 

It's been a month into training now, and I have committed myself to running the full marathon. From the coaches who provide invaluable tips and advise, to team Asha members who keep me going during our early morning runs, everybody has been a big help. I do have to give credit to my incredible friends and family who constantly ask about my progress and actually let me sleep on a decent hour on Friday nights:)

In just a month I find myself more disciplined to practice, and looking forward to my weekly runs to see how far I can push myself. I am actually excited to start hill training, see if the steep hill on Little Italy is conquerable.

I ran my first 5 miles yesterday, something that till a month ago was only a hope.

- Swara Vyas

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  1. Wow, A first step is commitment and next to it is discipline. Both together can achieve unachievable.